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About The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation

The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation supports giving in three main areas, Social Services, The Arts and the Environment. Within all three portfolios we are committed to supporting organizations dedicated to helping those who are marginalized, including the homeless, disadvantaged youth, women, aboriginal voices, the LGBTQ community, and preserving and protecting habitat for endangered species in Ontario.

The K. M. Hunter Artists’ Awards are made annually in the fields of Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. They are administered by the Ontario Arts Council.

There are two unique areas of giving; one ongoing grant to the Hospital for Sick Children for research into Autism and a few select organizations that support the Aids in Africa crisis.

We do not support any other Medical research or International organizations with the exception of these two programs.

The KM Hunter Foundation is committed to supporting a number of smaller institutions where our grants can have a larger impact.

We are based in Toronto. We only support organizations based in Ontario, Canada with the exception of the AIDS in Africa program