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The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation has three main areas of support. Arts and Culture, Environment and Social Welfare.

Grants are restricted to organizations based in Ontario except for a major grant that supports AIDS in Africa. A yearly one time grant goes to the Sick Kids Foundation in the area of Autism. We do not fund any other Medical Research Initiatives.

Grants are made to registered Charitable Organizations with the exception of the K.M. Hunter Artists awards in the Cultural Portfolio. These awards are granted to individual artists and are administrated through the Ontario Arts Council. One-time grants are also provided for initiatives to help develop new ventures in three areas of giving. An example of this is a one-time gift to help build the Opera House or a gift to help develop a new program for saving an endangered species in a wetland area.

Artist Awards: Sarah Hunter and Martin Hunter

Cultural: Sarah Hunter

Social Services: Guy Hunter

Environment: Eleanor Hart and Douglas Hart

AIDS in Africa: Guy Hunter