Awards Archive (1995-2018)

The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation has been shifting our resources into other areas we have had to discontinue the Artist Awards. Since 2000 we have proudly given $8,000 each year to six individual artists in the areas of Visual Art, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Film and Video, and Music. Recipients were recommended for this award by the Ontario Arts Council juries who put names forward from their own individual juries.

The recipient is not required to account for expenditures but may use the money for whatever they believe will enlarge horizons, concentrate focus and strengthen skills. As it is an award and not a grant it is not subject to tax. The arts awards were initially set up to 1995 and were gifted to individual emerging artists who had completed their training, begun to produce a body of work, and are starting to make a significant mark in their field.


Dance: Christine Friday

Literature: Shane Book

Media Arts:  Luo Li

Music: Allison Cameron

Theatre: Matthew Heiti

Visual Arts: Cree Stevens


Dance: Apologia Velasquez

Literature: Marianne Apostolides

Media Arts: Elizabeth Lazebnik

Music: Jaron Freeman-Fox

Theatre: Claire Calnan

Visual Arts: Maura Doyle


Dance: Penny Couchie

Film: Terril Calder

Literature: Zoe Whittall

Music: Anne Lindsay

Music: Brian Harman

Theatre: Charlotte Corbiel-Colman

Visual Arts: Christian Chapman


20th Anniversary Video

Dance: Linnea Swan

Film: Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam

Literature: Kevin Connolly

Music: Kevin Chief

Theatre: Kate Story

Visual Arts: Barry Ace


Dance: Danielle Baskerville

Media Arts: Igor Drljaca

Literature: Emil Sher

Music: Anna Hostman

Theatre: Beatriz Pizano

Visual Arts: Stephen Fakiyesi


Dance: Meagan O’Shea

Film & Video: Amanda Strong

Literature: Tanya Lukin-Linklater

Music: Raven Kanatakta Polson-Lahache

Theatre: Evalyn Parry

Visual Arts: Andrew Rucklidge


Dance: Heidi Strauss

Dance: Darryl A. Hoskins

Film & Video: Ayelen Liberona

Literature: Shani Mootoo

Music: Paul Frehner

Theatre: Rosa Laborde

Visual Arts: Jean Marshall


Dance: Valerie Calam

Literature: Jenny Sampirisi

Film & Video: Kazik Radwanski

Music: John Farah

Theatre: Anusree Roy

Visual Arts: Kerri Reid


Dance: Bageshree Vaze

Dance: Kathleen Rea

Film & Video: Roberto Santaguida

Literature: Steven Heighton

Music: Brian Current

Theatre: D’Bi Young

Visual Arts: David Hannan


Dance: Sylvie Bouchard

Film & Video: Juan Nicolas Pereda

Music: Dan Goldman

Literature: Kyo MacLear

Theatre: Nauni Parkinson

Visual Arts: Mary Catherine Newcomb


Dance: Robert Glumbeck

Dance: Natasha Bakht

Film & Video: Daniel Cockburn

Literature: Jonathan Bennett

Music: Katrina Curcin

Theatre: Lisa Codrington

Theatre: Jonathan Garfinkel

Visual Arts: Julie Cosgrove


Dance: Sasha Ivanochko

Interdisciplinary Arts: Isabella Stefanescu

Literature: Chris Chambers

Music: Omar Daniel

Music: Maryem Tollar

Theatre: Joseph Pierre

Visual Arts: Tor Lukasik-Foss


Dance: Susan Burpee

Interdisciplinary Arts: Geoffrey Pugen

Literature: Matthew Tierney

Music: Anne Lindsay

Theatre: Sonja Mills

Visual Arts: Risa Horowitz


Dance: Kate Alton

Dance: Michael Trent

Literature: Nila Gupta

Music: Quinsin Nachoff

Theatre: Marjorie Chan

Visual Arts: June Pak


Dance: Kate Alton

Dance: Michael Trent

Literature: Nila Gupta

Music: Quinsin Nachoff

Theatre: Marjorie Chan

Visual Arts: June Pak


Dance: Lesandra Dobson

Dance: Santee Smith

Literature: Sheila Heti

Music: James Rolfe

Theatre: Kelly McIntosh

Visual Arts: Greg A. Hill

Visual Arts: David McFarlane


Dance: Yvonne Ng

Literature: Ken Babstock

Music: Eve Egoyan

Music: Martin Tielli

Theatre: Ross Manson

Visual Arts: Florencia Berinstein

Visual Arts: Kelly Mark


Dance: Marie-Josée Chartier

Literature: Dennis Bock

Music: Phil Dwyer

Theatre: Julie Reitzel

Theatre: Peter Reitzel

Visual Arts: Janet Morton

Visual Arts: Lois Andison


Dance: Kim Frank

Literature: Peter Darbyshire

Music: Alice Ho

Music: Andrea Koziol

Theatre: Erika Hennebury

Theatre: Ruth Madoc-Jones

Visual Arts: Shary Boyle


Dance: Carmen Romero

Dance: Susanna Hood

Literature: Gary Barwin

Literature: Nalo Hopkinson

Visual Arts: Susan Dobson


Music: Linda C. Smith

Theatre: Alon Nashman


Media Arts: C. Grace Kary

Literature: Daniel Nearing

Literature: Norman Ravvin

Literature: Sasenarine Persaud


Dance: Allen Kaeja

Visual Arts: Paul Safarian