We are committed to supporting organizations in Social Services, the Arts, the LGBTQ community, homeless and disadvantaged youth, Aboriginal voices, Women, and Environmental Issues. We only support organizations based in Ontario, Canada with the exception of the AIDS in Africa relief program.

Arts & Culture Grants
Within the cultural section of the foundation, we support organizations that reflect the disciplines of  Visual Art, Music, Dance, Literature, Film and Video and Theatre. 

Social Grants
With the exception of an ongoing grant to Sick Kids Foundation in the area of mental health, however, we do not support any other medical research programs. We have two ongoing large grants that go to the United Way and the Salvation Army every year. All other smaller grants go to shelters, food banks, and social service programs for youth.

Environment Grants
Within the Environmental portfolio we support three areas: Protection of wildlife species, Stewardship of land, and Organizations that fight to change the laws so that environmental areas can be protected. All organizations must be based in Ontario.

AIDS in Africa Relief Grants
We have a small International development section in our Social Services portfolio that goes to AIDS Relief in Africa. All other organizations must be based in Ontario.