Interview With Allison Cameron, Music Award Winner

Allison Cameron won this year’s K.M. Hunter Foundation Artist Award for music. Talented, inspiring and creative beyond measure, we are so thrilled to support their work. We caught up with Allison to ask about the awards and plans for the immediate future.

KMHF: What’s the most exciting part about winning this award?
Allison: For me it was seeing and meeting the other artists who won the award in each category. I found it so inspiring to see and hear what my contemporaries are doing and making in other art forms. I’m hoping to make some future collaborations and connections. It is a wonderful thing that the Hunter Awards bring together all of these contemporary arts practitioners.

KMHF: How do you anticipate this award will help you as an artist?
Allison: I’m probably stating the obvious by saying that all help financially to an artist is a big boost! But specifically, I was very inspired by the artists who won in other categories and hope that I can use some of the funds to help start a new collaborative project with another discipline.

In The Works
Allison is in the midst of work for a mini-festival of their music that will that place over two evenings (November 23rd-24th, 2018). Thia collaboration with the improve group c_RL and the Arraymusic ensemble is being created by artistic director Martin Arnold and promises to be another first of its kind for Allison.