K.M. Hunter Foundation Awards: Imagination, Originality and Determination

We are preparing for this year’s K.M. Hunter Foundation Awards and our judges have their work cut out for them! With so many creative people, we can’t wait to celebrate some of them with you. Details coming soon.

Every year we award a grant of $8000.00 to six individual artists in the areas of Visual Art, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Film & Video and Music. Recipients are recommended for this award by the Ontario Arts Council juries who put names forward from their own individual juries. You can not apply for this grant except through applying to the Ontario Arts Council. They provide short lists of candidates put forward by their jurors from the applicants for their various programs. It is not possible to apply directly for these awards.

The arts awards were created in 1995 but the program only achieved its present definition in 2000. The awards are made to individual emerging artists who have completed their training, begun to produce a body of work, and are starting to make a significant mark in their field. It is intended that the awards be given to people who have demonstrated both talent and the potential for further development.

Imagination, originality and the determination to achieve are taken into consideration. The concern is not so much to pick future stars as to reward and encourage people who we believe will go on to do interesting work.