QuArt Heightens LGBTQ2S+ / Queer Exposure and Intersections

KMHCF is Celebrating Pride Month 2021, we proudly supported Qu*ART an arts collective of Ottawa-based arts professionals. Qu*Art’s goal is to heighten LGBTQ2S+/ queer artistic activity and broaden intersectional discourse in Ottawa.
Qu*ART works with established festivals or existing events in order to promote integration of LGBTQ2S+/ queer artists, while striving to help Ottawa arts organizations better realize the inherent advantage and potential available for both the queer community and their own audience development. Qu*ART also promotes relevant and important community arts events, through this website, in order to support the work of the Ottawa Queer community. Qu*ART believes that inter-generational knowledge-sharing being is a key tool for community- building, as we encourage intersectional approaches to social justice themes in the arts.