Ruff, Ruff: Shakespeare in the Ruff!

We love the arts, and in particular, we love theatre that activates public spaces such as Withrow Park in Toronto’s East End. We continue to support this annual event and encourage you to make time this summer to bring your friends and family outside for some theatre!

Shakespeare in the Ruff (Ruff) is a small theatre company that reimagines Shakespearean characters that traditionally have not been seen, including introducing female characters to works that have long since been relegated to men. Ruff is a professional outdoor theatre company that breathes life and magic into Shakespeare’s works for Toronto’s diverse and contemporary audience. Their work lies at the intersection of outdoor theatre, education, and community building. Using Shakespeare as a foundation, they reinterpret, rewrite, and renew these stories, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in outdoor theatre. 

Integrated into their artistic practice, public education gives theatre purpose, encourages risk-taking, and reminds us to look towards the future of the art. They strive to educate younger generations of theatre artists through their educational programming and connect with emerging professional artists through their annual summer production. This programming is always free or Pay-What-You-Can.

Check out their summer programming here. See you at the park! 

Photo credit: Alexia Vassos, Alex Bulmer, and Christine Horne in Richard Three. Photo by Mike McPhaden.