Toronto Public Library: A Community In Action

One of K.M. Hunter’s earlier contributions to the Toronto Public Library (TPL) was providing funding for their first LGBTQ special collection. Initiatives like these are exciting because they reflect back what’s happening in the world around us and gives us a place to learn, share and rediscover old ideas in new ways. But when the pandemic first hit, everything changed.

With library branches forced to close our city was left with a huge gap and simultaneously a fast-growing food distribution problem. Vickery Bowles, a city librarian had commented back in April, “Since the implementation of measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 transmission, there has been a dramatic decrease in access to food banks, with over a third closing in recent weeks.”

In conjunction with the city and financial support from organizations like the K.M. Hunter Foundation, TPL began opening pop-up food banks at branches, many with extended hours to help make food access easier.

While were are still living through difficult times, it’s also been a period of renewed appreciation for the vital services that support our city’s most marginalized. As TPL continues to reopen branches we look forward to more innovative and practical service ideas that will make us stronger, together. We hope you too will consider supporting our incredible library system.