Tribal Crackling Wind

Peter Chin, Artistic Director of Tribal Crackling Wind and early K.M. Hunter Awards winner:

“I often say humorously that “dance can save the world”, but I actually believe this – working with dancers always moves me by their willingness and ability to embody ideas that are beyond words and spoken language. I have learned a lot about empathy and bridging difference led by the integrating qualities of the dancing body/mind/heart. Also, it is through dance that the dancing shaman unites the worlds of the seen and unseen. These abiding sentiments form the base-line of all my works. It is my vocation and my happiness to follow them.”

Tribal Crackling Wind is a distinctive creative force, bringing riveting ritual-based events to acclaim in its native Canada and internationally at prestigious festivals and venues. The company’s repertoire has been shaped by the multi-faceted creativity of Peter Chin’s leadership. To donate